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TIG Welders

Red-D-Arc offers TIG welders and welding equipment that provide excellent welding performance, contact and versatility combined with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of metals. With an fleet of over 60,000 pieces, we have some of the best rental rates on TIG welders.

TIG Welding Applications

TIG welding is an excellent solution for welding non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum and copper. Other more exotic metals like titanium and Inconel can also be welded using the TIG process. The TIG welding process is slower than MIG welding but offers the operator a higher degree of precision. It’s suitable for welding applications where high quality and accuracy are required. Gas purity is essential in the TIG welding process. The AWS recommends that shielding gases (typically argon) be tested to ensure a purity of no less than 99.995 percent.

Maxstar 200SD TIG Welder
  • Processes: Stick, TIG
  • Provides a Solution for Every User's Needs: From Simple to Fully Automated
  • Blue Lightning - High Frequency Arc Starter for Non-Contact Arc Initiation
  • Preset Parameters

Lincoln Invertec TPX 300
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meet all requirements
  • Excellent TIG HF starting with pre-settable start mode

Red-D-Arc TIG 315P
  • Processes: Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • TIG AC/DC With Digital Control
  • Multi-Wave Digital Pulse Welder
  • Intelligent Fan and Cooler Control

Syncrowave 350 LX TIG Welder
  • Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG
  • 3 - 400 Amps Welding Range
  • AC Balance Control, Dual Digital Meters
  • Last Procedure Recall

  • Processes: TIG
  • High-Frequency Arc Starter and Generator
  • 250 Amps at 60% Duty Cycle Output
  • Helps Arc Starting when using TIG Welding Process

Viper 2500S DC TIG Welder
  • DC TIG Control
  • Variable Current Control
  • Ideal for Typical Site Applications

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TIG Welder Rental Rates

Get a rental quote on MIG welders using our easy online quoting system. You can rent, lease or buy any number of TIG Welding machines from us. If you're not sure exactly which TIG welder setup is right for the job, our equipment experts will gladly make a recommendation. We enjoy helping you find the exact equipment you need, and can often help you reduce your existing costs. Click on the Get a Quote buttons above to add any of our TIG welding machines to your quote request list.

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