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Automatic Wire Feeders

Automatic wire feeders are ideal for heavy duty fabrication and assembly line production, depositing more metal at faster travel speeds to help increase production and cut costs
NA3 Automatic Wirefeeder
  • Processes: MIG, Submerged Arc, Flux-Cored, Wirefeeders
  • Solid Wire Size Range 0.8-5.6 mm
  • Wire Speed Range 0.6-16.5 m/min
  • Solid State Controls

NA5 Automatic Wirefeeder
  • Processes: Submerged Arc, Flux-Cored, Wirefeeders
  • Automatic Wirefeeder
  • Solid Wire Size Range 0.9-5.6 mm
  • Cored Wire Size Range 1.2-4.0 mm

Automatic Girth Welder (AGW)
  • Cuts Storage Tank Welding Time Up to 40%
  • Self-Propelled Carriage
  • Operator Controlled Speeds from 4 to 105 IPM
  • Handles Plates 6 ft to 10 ft High, as Thick as 2"
  • Weld Tanks from the Largest to as Small as 40 ft in Diameter

LT7 Submerged Arc Tractor
  • Self-Propelled Mechanized DC Wirefeeder
  • Track and Trackless Versions
  • Wire Size Range - Solid Wire 3/32 - 3/16"
  • For Flat and Horizontal Submerged-Arc Welds

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Automatic Wire Feeder Applications

For mechanized applications, automatic wire feeders are essential when using the submerged arc welding, metal inert gas welding, or flux cored arc welding processes. For the submerged arc welding process, a flux hopper may be part of the automatic wire feeding system. Automatic wire feeders, unlike their semiautomatic counterparts, do not have a finger trigger. Instead, wire feed is initiated via the touch of a button. This is advantageous when many of the same welding joints are going to be made consistently over time. Automatic wire feeders are also beneficial for welding joints that require long arc-on times and high amounts of wire deposition.

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